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To become a Dominican Sister


We Dominican Sisters make the message of Jesus our lives’ content, born of the joy of God and the celebration of life as God has given it to us.

We seek the Truth in the gospel - individually and in community, in meditation and conversation, in prayer and study.
We proclaim this truth - honestly, friendly, and by increasing hope.
We act in solidarity with the people and our environment and stand up for peace, justice and the preservation of creation.
We live in communities in a way where all sisters exercise co-responsibility.
We are women in the service of the Catholic Church and live in community. We want to seek God together with people seeking God and praise God with those who have found God.

  • We are ready to share our convictions and our simple way of Dominican life with others.
  • We invite you to seek God’s call and to search for your own vocation.
  • If you want to know what motivates us to lead a vowed life as a community of sisters, you are welcome. We are happy to accompany women who are interested in religious life.
  • You are also welcome if you are looking for a new orientation in life;  if you feel an inner longing; or if you seek fellowship with like-minded people - Our Dominican Family includes Lay Dominicans and Associates, an increasingly sought after form of living the Dominican charism.
  • Our Congregation welcomes the personal gifts of each sister and supports each one’s own faith journey.
  • We look forward to hearing from you:
                Sr Mary de Crus Nolan (USA)
                Sr Helen-Veronica Wagner (South Africa)