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Special appreciation for Manuela Müller

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Sr. Hilke, currently Prioress in Neustadt, expressed thanks and appreciation and presented Ms Müller with a small gift.

Manuela Müller has been engaged in the housekeeping department – kitchen, laundry and cleaning - of the convent since August 2011.

Since one employee was absent for a long time due to illness, Manuela Müller bridged the vacant management position with her diverse skills and her warm-hearted manner. 

The sisters, who are grateful for the commitment of their colleague, say, "We are happy and grateful that Ms Müller not only ensures the cleanliness in our house, but also contributes to a good atmosphere."

Of course, Manuela Müller knows the preferences of the sisters and often surprises them on their birthdays with their favourite cake.

Sr. Hilke, prioress of the convent in Neustadt, thanked Manuela Müller for her friendly presence and her service beyond the call of duty in the convent and for the sisters and presented her with a small gift.