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Certificate for Sr. Eva-Angelika Herbst OP

Certificate for Sr. Eva-Angelika Herbst OP.

Certificate for Sr. Eva-Angelika Herbst OP

During the last months of the past school year in Germany, to reduce the risk of infection from the Corona virus, home schooling became the order of the day. Our Sisters, too, in their various apostolates, had to readjust and to "switch over" - nothing was "as usual" anymore. This called for a great deal of flexibility and creativity.

Sr. Eva-Angelika Herbst OP, who works as pastoral/parish officer in the Heimbuchenthal parish community, understood this and gained the respect of parents and students for her extraordinary service during this exceptional period.

In June, at the end of the school year, the Heimbuchenthal parents' council honoured Sr Eva-Angelika in a small ceremony with a certificate.

We are happy for her that her noteworthy commitment has been honoured. We ask for God`s blessing on her and her parish. May God guide them all safely through these difficult times.

Text of the certificate

“You did it! An extraordinary school year is coming to an end! Thank you very much for your tremendous commitment, your enormous flexibility and your great support of the children and parents. We have great respect for all that you have achieved in this Corona school year.

The Heimbuchenthal Parents' Council”