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To honour the life, commitment and service of our sisters

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The unveiling: Sr. Lucina, together with everyone who attended, is happy about this sign of appreciation of the Dominican Sisters.

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A memorial stone in Flörsheim am Main remembers the life and work of the sisters there.

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Sr. Lucina and Matthias Lauck, a long-time friend of the Sisters, at the memorial stone.

Monday, 31 August 2020, was a very special day in Flörsheim. It was the “Verlobter Tag”, a day of remembrance, vowed by the population in 1666 at the height of the devastating plague in the town.

As part of the celebrations, Dr Bernd Blisch, the mayor of Flörsheim, unveiled a Memorial Stone in the old cemetery of the church St Gallus.

This was to honour the life, commitment and service of our sisters in the Marienkrankenhaus (St Mary’s Hospital) in Flörsheim. A good number of the people of Flörsheim attended.

After the departure of the Dernbacher Sisters, the city of Flörsheim had asked our Congregation to take over the Marienkrankenhaus, which we then owned until 2003, when the hospital became affiliated to the Marienhaus GmbH of Waldbreitbach.  

On occasion, more than 20 sisters were involved in the care, administration, kitchen and housekeeping of the hospital. Over the years, contacts with the population grew. The people valued the presence and work of the sisters. The sisters enjoyed the goodwill and support from the city and the population. The fact that the sisters enjoyed living and working in Flörsheim contributed to a positive atmosphere.