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Summer festival in the convent at Neustadt

Celebration in the inner courtyard of the convent

Cock of the walk: Roland Zeuch with Sisters in the cloister

"Women's power": part of the ideas-generating and executing team

Sebastian Roth, Peter Roth and Roland Zeuch barbecuing

(left to right) Andrea Pfeuffer, Conny Maier and Simone Scherg at the end of the day - tired but happy about the successful festival.

The weather was perfect for the day - as if the heavens were happy for us to enjoy a garden party in the inner convent courtyard - naturally, observing all the Corona rules! 

The idea was born among members of our staff and immediately welcomed by all. 

The idea was, on the one hand, to bring a change to the grey everyday Corona-restricted life, and on the other hand to enable more informal encounters between all members of staff and the Sisters. It was a pleasure to see members of staff outdoing each other with homemade culinary dishes, with plenty for every taste.

In addition, our long-time employee Roland Zeuch was given an official send-off into retirement. He has promised not to withdraw just yet! He will continue to support the caretaker team for a few hours a week.

Everyone benefited from the good cooperation - as seen here at the barbecue.

A delicious cake buffet rounded off the festival. The atmosphere was happy and jovial.

It could clearly be seen that everyone enjoys the place where they live and work. The good cooperation among the staff and among the staff and the Sisters was evident everywhere.

When asked how they enjoyed the day, everyone unanimously said that such a garden party should definitely be repeated.