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Corona in "kontinente"

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What seemed unthinkable at the beginning of the year has long become our reality. The Corona virus has changed our lives. We have become used to contact restrictions, social distancing and masks, and thanks to these measures we have managed to ensure that our health system did not reach the limits of its capacity.

While the economy is heading for a recession and many are worried about their jobs, the sky is cleaner than it has been for a long time, birds can be heard chirping in the cities, and deer have been spotted on the outskirts of London.

We encounter Corona several times in this "Kontinente". In the "Spirituality" section (page 15), Sister Ursula Maier describes positive sides to the crisis, the "display board" (page 4) explains what quarantine has to do with the Bible, and the "focus" (page 5) deals with the impact the virus has on the countries of the south.

Our author Sven Wagner had just left the Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh when it was closed due to the Corona virus. Read his report on the Rohingya (from page 16), an unpopular minority. They have hardly any advocates unlike the Maasai, to whom our interview partner Mali Ole Kaunga is committed (from page 6).

The Corona virus did not spare the editorial team of "Kontinente" either. That is why this time you will receive a shortened edition.

Beatrix Gramlich
Editor-in-chief "Kontinente"

(a private translation of the editorial in the German mission magazine “Kontinente” in which the Oakford Dominican Sisters  p 19-20 participate.)

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