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We mourn the death of Sr Benita Hummels OP

Sr Benita Hummels OP

With love and gratitude, we bid farewell to our Sr Benita Hummels OP

Our Saviour Christ Jesus has abolished death and has brought to light immortality and life through the Gospel, (2 Tim 1:10b)

With faith-filled confidence in God’s love and mercy our Sister Benita Hummels OP has completed her earthly life.

Born             14.08.1938 in Winterswijk (Netherlands)
Professed   12.10.1963
Died              20.06.2024 in Ekukhanyeni (South Africa)

In deep gratitude for the witness of her life as an Oakford Dominican, we commend our Sister to the prayer of our sisters and all those who feel connected to her in life and beyond death.

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Dominican Sisters of Oakford