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Our Sr Leona Beckmann OP celebrated her 90th birthday

The "birthday wall" for the jubilarian was lovingly designed by Sr Marie-Bernarde Jean-Louis

Sr Leona likes to do handcraft...

... and knits warm baby clothes for needy families.

Sr Leona Beckmann celebrated her 90th  birthday on 24 February 2024 in Villa Assumpta, Pietermaritzburg, (South Africa).

Born in 1934 in Holzen/Schwerte Ruhr, Sr Leona experienced the war years in the Ruhr area in Germany at a young age. At the age of 22, she joined our Congregation in Neustadt am Main, Germany, and was missioned to Johannesburg in South Africa.

Sister Leona was and is a missionary with heart and soul and has been a blessing to many people at locations of our Congregation in South Africa. In retirement, she lives in Villa Assumpta in Pietermaritzburg.

She keeps in touch with many of her companions, always has an ear for the worries and needs of the people around her and accompanies them in conversation and prayer. She enjoys needlework and knitting warm baby clothes for needy families.

We wish Sister Leona good health and congratulate her on her milestone special day.


Text Martina Schneider
Translation Sr Marie-Luise Faupel OP