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Sister Melanie visits her former place of work

[Translate to English:] Sr Melanie besucht Volkersberg

Sr. Melanie saying goodbye to her former place of work at Volkersberg. Photo: Haus Volkersberg

[Translate to English:] Sr. Melanie besucht Volkersberg

Sr. Melanie on a visit to the kitchen of the conference house with Martina Reinwald (left) and Michaela Strott. Photo: Haus Volkersberg

On her 85th birthday, Sr. Melanie Lehn received an invitation to visit Volkersberg Youth Education Centre. This was her former place of work.  She had ministered there for 31 years and had been responsible for the administration of the- then “Landvolkshochschule” (Rural Education Centre.)

"Sr. Melanie was the last Dominican Sister to leave Volkersberg on August 6, 2013 - so she wrote religious history, so to speak,” says Martina Reinwald, director of the Volkersberg Learning Centre. "Sr. Melanie was here on the mountain for 31 years and can tell stories that amaze us and things that we still need to learn!”

In February, Sr. Melanie undertook the trip from the Convent of St. Josef in Neustadt to Volkersberg and visibly enjoyed visiting her former place of work. Of course, the employees at Volkersberg did not miss the opportunity to serve Sr. Melanie’s favourite dish: homemade chocolate pudding from the Volkersberg kitchen.