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Fun and Games at Villa Assumpta/Siena

Painting mandalas (from left) Sisters Clarina, Petra and Geraldine

Painting mandalas (from left) Sisters Marie-Thérèse, Bernadette Z. and Paula

Playing cards (from left) Sisters Sigrid, Paula and Marie-Thérèse

Oakford Sisters who live in the Villa Assumpta/Siena retirement home in Pietermaritzburg join in the various activities organised by the management of the home and by Srs Celia and Eva-Maria.

There is a weekly film arranged by one of the residents, bingo hosted by Sr Jacquie (with chocolates as prizes for the winners), and exercises to keep fit.

Sisters sew, knit and crochet for a very good cause

Some of the residents and Sisters keep busy with knitting, sewing, crochet week in support of the home, and in support of the poor. There is a chance every week for some residents and Sisters to go shopping, with transport organised by the management.

Scrabble is very popular with many Sisters

Then of course there are various card games, word games (Scrabble in particular) and games with dice. Sisters and residents move to wherever they are comfortable, some of them being involved in several activities.

On occasion, such as for Christmas, Heritage Day in September, or Spring Day there are events for everyone, residents, sisters, staff, with a meal and some entertainment.

For Heritage Day in 2022 and the 70th anniversary of the opening of Villa Assumpta, everyone was invited to a celebratory lunch on the lawn under a big marquee. The lunch, in the form of a braai (barbeque) was hosted by “Lineworks”, the company doing some major upgrades to the buildings at Villa Assumpta.