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A Visit from Germany

Sr Odila with her niece Theresa, Paul and Martha

Sr Odila with little Martha

Srs Mackie, Odila, Anna-Rose, Lidia and little Martha (from left)

Sr Odila Zeissner OP heartily enjoyed the day with her niece and their niece's family.

Theresa, a niece of Sr Odila Zeissner, her husband Paul and their little daughter Martha paid a visit to St Rose’s Convent, Ekukhanyeni in KwaZulu and enjoyed the hospitality provided by the Sisters over lunch.

Detour to Sr Odila on the way to Cape Town

Their visit to South Africa was in fact to Cape Town, on holiday, but they made a detour to Umhlanga Ridge, north of Durban within easy reach of Ekukhanyeni in order to catch up with Sr Odila.

Sr Odila belongs to the St Dominic’s community at the Bluff in Durban and faithfully makes a monthly visit to Ekukhanyeni to keep the finances of the community and the AIDS Hospice up to date.

Sr Odila takes care of the finances of the community

The finances and other information requested by the Department of Health are submitted to the Department on a monthly basis.  For several years, the Department of Health has provided a subsidy to help with the running costs of the hospice.

Before moving to Durban, Sr Odila had spent many years at Oakford Priory handling the finances of the various ministries run from and at Oakford.

In addition, she administers the payments in South Africa to the beneficiaries of the Mission Fund which handles the donations of donors in Germany to support education, AIDS, children, refugees and asylum seekers the retired Sisters of the Congregation.

Donations help the projects led by the Sisters

Donors in Germany continue with generous support to ministries run by or supported by the Sisters in South Africa. 

We are sure, Sr Odila and her visitors from Germany enjoyed the day with one another.