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The current „kontinente“ ist available

Our mission magazine "kontinente" - (in German) - is a good and contemporary way to support our work, our values and our projects. It appears every two months. To read the new ePaper continents May/Juni 2023 click here.

In an eight-page insert, we report with four other Dominican Congregations on current issues of interest in our Order. "kontinente" shows  a different view of supporting countries and a world church that builds bridges across continents;  a church that wants to be an advocate for the poor and oppressed and that  gives a voice to those who don't have their own or who are ignored.

In this magazine you will read “mittendrin” the new, eight-page insert of nine continent publishers, including the Domenican Sisters Neustadt/Main. They combine their strengths and ideas to show you the diversity of religious life and the commitment of their communities - in the middle of continents and in the middle of the world.

In this issue of "mittendrin Sr Hilke Stenner OP tells us why she wears religious habit: "For me, the habit is a reminder of my promise that I have chosen in my way of life to be a Dominican Sister of St. Catherine of Siena of Oakford/Natal. It gives me strength and joy for my life."

„kontinente" is also available as an e-paper, which means that you can easily read it on your PC or tablet.