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Guests of honour at the celebration

Sisters Mary and Alison at the celebration of summer in Kloster Neustadt

Chatting in the Arkadengang

Together in Kloster Garden

Sisters Antonia (our oldest Sister in Neustadt) Irma and Dagmar

Sisters (from left) Uta, Melanie and Albertina and Conny Maier of the staff

For the third year running the Sisters in Neustadt gathered with employees for a lunch-time celebration of summer.

The idea had  originated at a time when going out elsewhere to celebrate was not possible because of the Covid pandemic. Now, going forward, it seems this could be a fixed date on the “Kloster Neustadt” calendar! 

Sisters came dressed for a garden party.  Sr Hilke Stenner, the prioress, welcomed everyone and the staff who had organized everything helped with serving the meal.

It was a good time too for the staff to get to know one another better as they work different shifts and don’t always see one another.

The guests of honour at the celebration were Srs Alison Munro (Congregational Vicaress based in South Africa) and Sr Mary Nolan (Congregational Councillor for the US Area, based in California) who were in Germany for a number of meetings and to spend time with the Sisters of the German Area.