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Area Meeting in Mission San Jose

At the area meeting (left to right) Srs Sophie, Carolina L., Karolina H., Gemma, Gladys, Anna, Dominic-Marie, Nicolina, Lynn, Rosalia, Gabriella, Marianne, and Mary de Crus

On Friday 29 October 2021, the Oakford Dominican Sisters of the USA Area met in Mission San Jose in California to celebrate together the anniversaries of Sr Marianne Schmitz (65 years professed) and Sr Sophie Hofmann (60 years professed). It was a joyful celebration and everyone was happy to be able to come together again after such a long Corona time.

The Area Assembly also saw the re-election of Sr Anna Oven as Prioress of the San Francisco Bay Area Local Community and Sr Lynn Allvin as Coordinator of the Santa Rosa Community.