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Heritage Day Events

Enjoying the braai

Nurse/Manager in Villa Assumpta

Centrepiece for the meeting at the Bluff

The Heritage Day long weekend in September saw different events taking place in our communities in KwaZulu Natal.

At Villa Assumpta/Siena in Pietermaritzburg, our new partner PADCA (Pietermaritzburg & District Council for the Care of the Aged) hosted a braai (barbeque) for all sisters and residents.

Some of the guests, enjoying the beautiful day outside in the garden, sported fancy headgear. Some of the sisters, carers and staff dressed in traditional attire, and provided colour and energy as they served lunch.

The following day saw the sisters from Villa Assumpta/Siena and Riverside gather with Sr Paula-Mary and Sr Alison for a community meeting on culture, tradition and heritage – within religious Life.

The sisters enjoyed a lively afternoon discussing the culture which is found in various forms across religious life in different Congregations; remembering some of the traditions which were practised in the past and which have changed over the years; and noting what it is that each one can do to break down ignorance and stereotypes regarding traditions different from our own.

Our African Sisters gathered at St Dominic’s at the Bluff in Durban to examine their ethnic culture and traditions in the context of the culture of the Congregation.

They recognised the differences and the challenges across cultures and regarding individual traditions faced within families, religious life, the Church and indeed the country, and pledged commitment anew to the Oakford Congregation.