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Interment of ashes of Sisters Hildegunde Runne and Justina Priess

Father Joe Falkiner OP, himself already 87 years old, conducted the service

Because of the Corona restrictions, not all Sisters could be accommodated in one room

... some Sisters had to attend from the adjacent veranda

Interment of the ashes in “holy ground”

The memorial place for the interment of the ashes. In the centre of the cross is an opening where the ashes can be interred

Mass was celebrated at Villa Assumpta/Siena, Pietermaritzburg on Friday 27 August followed by the interment of the ashes of Sisters Hildegunde Runne and Justina Priess.

Because of Covid lockdown restrictions and limits on attendance numbers at funerals it was not possible at the time of their deaths to celebrate their funerals.

The Sisters living in Riverside Park nearby in Pietermaritzburg joined the Sisters at Villa Assumpta/Siena for Mass and the interment, and lunch.

KwaZulu Natal, the province in which Pietermaritzburg is located is currently in the throes of a third wave of Covid 19.