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Elderly Sisters of the Neustadt Community enjoy outing

Comfortable and together under the trees

Talking together

All members of the outing group enjoyed the picnic

Delicious food was part of it and had to be transported up

The Rollators were also there

Many thanks to all helpers for this greatful afternoon

These health care taker team and housekeeping staff organized everything

Health care taker team and housekeeping staff of the Neustadt Community took quite a time to plan and organize an outing for the elderly sisters to Hornungsberg, a hill in Neustadt, equipped with the Stations of the Cross you can walk along and meditate.

The outing - could it take place? Because of the weather, the undertaking turned to be a nailbiter, but - thanks be to God - at that day, we were gifted with an interim high.

After all those CoVid-19 restrictions, the Sisters longed for leaving the house, while it shouldn't become too exhausting for any of them. So the Sisters were brought by car to a beautiful place up the hill of Hornungsberg, well prepared by good folk, an excellent spot to take a rest and have a beautiful view of the landscape with the villages of Neustadt and Erlach, the valley of the River Main and the green hills of Spessart. All members of the outing group enjoyed the picnic and were delighted with God's creation.

Dear folks of the health care team and the housekeeping, we are so grateful for all your ideas and engagement.

English version Sr. Eva-Angelika Herbst OP