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Sr. Hilke Stenner OP marks 75 years

Thank you and applause on a special celebration

Conny Maier recites a poem of congratulations on behalf of the staff

Gratulation: (left to right) Petra Weisner, Conny Maier, Sr. Hilke, Sr. Marie-Christopher, Sr. Marie-Luise

When Sr Hilke, Prioress in Neustadt, celebrated her Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession a year ago with only the Sisters, she was full of confidence that she would be able to invite her family and friends to the celebration of her 75th birthday on 14 May 2021.

Unfortunately, this was not to be, for the pandemic was still unpredictable.  Nevertheless, the Sisters and Staff did not let this day go unnoticed and they organised “a small celebration” at the end of the annual retreat and marked also by an Oakford Congregation-wide Zoom Conference.

Sr Hilke grew up in the city of Mainz, the stronghold of the German carnival. Little wonder, then, that on feastdays of her fellow Sisters, she honoured their life and work with funny poetic tributes.  On her special day, it was the other way round. Both her fellow Sisters and the Staff at the convent congratulated Sr Hilke, while paying due concern to the Corona regulations.  They recited poems and sang songs to thank her for who she is in and for the community.

We thank God for the many gifts God has given Sr Hilke and we thank her for the many different services she performs and coordinates. We wish her continued joy and confidence in God.