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Children found all of the Easter eggs

Children found all of the Easter eggs

Origami tulips as a thank you

Since 1 March 2021, there has been new life in the former St. Michael rehabilitation centre in Neustadt. The remedial day-centre “St. Franziskus”, supported by the Caritas Association for the Main-Spessart district, accompanies and supports children with special needs.

This revives a decades-old tradition of helping people live a largely independent life. How important relationships are in this process is painfully experienced by many of us right now during the Corona pandemic where they are missing or severely restricted.

Nevertheless, a gradual ‘getting to know each other’ has developed between the convent and the day-care centre during the ensuing few weeks. Easter then offered a good opportunity to invite the children with their Carers to an Easter egg hunt in the inner courtyard of the convent, while still observing all Corona-related rules.

Our sisters dyed eggs and made bunny biscuits at the convent together with the housekeeping staff and care teams. They then hid them away in nests. The joy of the children was great, because they managed to find even the best hiding places.

As a thank you on their part, they brought colourful paper tulips they had made themselves. These they arranged with obvious joy on a table in our festive venue hall. New life is good. May it grow and develop through God's love.