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Individual support and care

Father Sven Johannsen blesses the rooms of the remedial day centre “St. Franziskus”.

The new common room of the remedial day centre.

The new recreation room of the remedial day centre. Photos: Caritas

The Caritas remedial day centre “St. Franziskus” moves into Klosterhof 5 in Neustadt

Klosterhof 5 in Neustadt had been the address of the Caritas “St. Michael Rehabilitation Centre” for many years.  In 2017, the facility moved to the Heuchelhof district of Würzburg. After that, the buildings next to the Dominican convent stood empty for a few years. Now life has returned to what had been the administration building of the former rehabilitation centre. On 1 March, the “St. Franziskus” remedial day-care centre started its operations there. It is run by the Caritas Association for the District of Main-Spessart and cares for and supports children with developmental delays, mental or social challenges.

"The sisters are happy that life has returned to the convent courtyard," says Sr Christiane Sartorius OP, Provincial Prioress of the Oakford Dominican Sisters in Germany. Together with representatives of Caritas, she took part in the opening ceremony, where Father Sven Johannsen blessed the rooms, the staff and the future work.

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