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Vaccination against Covid-19 in the convent at Neustadt

The sisters waited in the corridor of the convent for their "prick" - always intent on keeping a safe distance.

Sr. Ehrengard, at 92 years of age, was the first to be vaccinated.

Sr. Marcella passed the waiting time with her knitting.

Four members of the Red Cross team vaccinated sisters and employees in the convent at Neustadt.

Monday, 18 January, was D-Day for the first round of corona vaccinations at the convent of Neustadt!  21 sisters and 9 employees had registered for the first vaccination against the Covid-19 virus.

The seminar hall of the convent was converted into a "vaccination centre"

For this purpose, the employees had already converted the seminar hall of the convent into a vaccination centre. It was important to keep the necessary distance. The four employees of the mobile vaccination team of the Bavarian Red Cross administered the first dose of vaccination to all Religious and the employees. The follow-up vaccinations are scheduled for 8 February, which is supposed to ensure protection against the corona virus.

Sr Ehrengard was the first to be vaccinated

Sr Ehrengard was the first and, at 92, the oldest sister in Neustadt to be vaccinated. Everyone else waited patiently - and with the necessary distance - for their vaccinations.

Sr Marcella passed the waiting time with knitting

To pass the time, Sr Marcella quickly got her knitting from her room. The sisters who were sitting in the "waiting zone" in the corridor of the convent talked animatedly even from a distance so that the waiting time was quite entertaining for everyone.

No side effects - the second round of vaccinations takes place on 9 February

The members of the vaccination team always had time for a short chat. They engaged the sisters in conversation, inquired in which countries they had worked and so skilfully distracted them. The "prick" itself was then hardly felt. All the Sisters and employees were comfortably vaccinated, there were no side effects worth mentioning.

On 9 February, everyone will be vaccinated for the second time and will then - hopefully - be immune to the current coronavirus.