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Villa Assumpta Celebration 2020

Members of staff hand out meals.

Residents and Sisters celebrate in the specially erected tent, ensuring social distancing.

Sr Celia Smit, Director of Villa Assumpta Home for the elderly addressed Residents, Sisters and Staff at an end of year function on the 16 December to celebrate life. “We each have our own memories of this year, 2020, and we celebrate the lives of those residents who have gone before us and remember those among us who lost loved ones and friends. Today is the Day of Reconciliation, a day coming together, acknowledging our hurts, the ‘what ifs?’, the ‘if onlys’ – and letting them go.”

"We are called to LIVE in the moment"

Covid 19 had an impact on everyone, with two residents and a professional nurse contracting the virus.  There were staff dealing with other health issues as well, and the accompanying stress, fear, and anxiety.  “And yet“, said Sr Celia, “we are called to LIVE in the moment.

She noted that as the year comes to an end, there are other ‘endings’ as well. The Congregational Leadership of the Dominican Sisters of Oakford is entering into partnership with Pietermaritzburg and District Care of the Aged (PADCA).  In 2021 there will be new management structures and changes at Villa Assumpta.  “Again, we walk in trust”, she said.

Sr. Celia thanked the staff for all they have done at Villa Assumpta

She thanked the outgoing manager, bidding him farewell, thanking him for all he has done in the years he had been at Villa Assumpta and wishing him well for whatever the future holds for him. “He goes with our blessings and our prayers”.

She also thanked the Staff, “each and every one of you who has sacrificed yourselves during these past months, dealing with your own fears for your family, staying over on 7 days shifts for so many months, finding your own way as we all tried to keep ourselves, our families and friends safe and free. Your families sacrificed with you and for this we are grateful.”

She noted with gratitude the work of the Lineworks men attending to the major maintenance needed in an old building, and because of major storms. And she thanked everyone who made the day possible, kitchen staff, nurses, carers, general workers, the Sisters (for making stars and other decorations), Lineworks management for their generous donation.