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Winter festival in the convent at Neustadt cancelled this year

Eva Fuhrmann, Srs. Gisela, Irmengard und Marie-Christopher, Andrea Pfeuffer, Srs. Thelma and Arnolda.

Sr. Liboria offered some cookies.

Srs. Liboria, Uta, Thelma and Irma.

Sr. Marcella.

Srs. Marie-Christopher and Marcella.

Srs. Irmengard and Gisela.

Srs. Irma and Liboria.

Customs and rituals shape our life in a special way. They give us a rhythm over the course of a year, and touch and hold our soul in the many uncertainties and vicissitudes of living.

The season of Advent is especially full of such customs: the candles of the Advent wreath bring us a little more light from week to week, as the days are getting shorter and darker.

On the feast of Saint Barbara (4 December) we put branches of the cherry tree in a vase in our homes and watch them bud and bloom until Christmas - a promise of new life. With Saint Nicholas, we get a sense of how God's goodness and kindness enter our world through people and how much God cares for us.

Another custom that may not be missing is the Christmas baking. This year, too, our sisters, together with the ladies of the housekeeping staff and the team of caregivers, clearly enjoyed using their skills to bake all kinds of delicious cookies in order to sweeten the Christmas season with something homemade.

It is all the more regrettable that this year the winter festival has to be cancelled due to Corona.  These festivals are always an opportunity to celebrate and thank all involved in the good and successful cooperation we have experienced throughout the year.

It remains for us to thank everyone and wish you all a blessed Christmas season and good health for you and your loved ones!