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Sr. Gabriella supports immigrants at the naturalization process

Sr. Gabriella Williams OP (center) with her co-workers Suzett Iren Rivas and Olive Mukabalisa

Sr. Gabriella Williams OP (73) works for Catholic Community Services in Tuscon (USA). She represents immigrants mainly from Africa and Afghanistan, and now soon Ukraine, before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

“There is a so called refugee and migration service and people don’t get the picture of how urgent this support is because the naturalization process is just crazy”, said Sr. Gabriella
Migration Refugee Services provides immediate assistance to refugees upon arrival. After settlement, refugees are referred to legal immigration services.

Every person is precious and enriches our culture. For Sr. Gabriella it is a great enrichment to support these people. “In their need of a new home and a welcome when they have to leave their culture and home countries.”