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Mourning the death of Sr. Gisela-Marie Schnatz OP

[Translate to English:] Sr. Gisela-Maria Schnatz OP

Sr. Gisela-Maria did not have an easy life. Due to illness, she was rarely on the sunny side of life. There were limits to her, which she felt and with which she learned to live. At the same time, she fulfilled the tasks assigned to her reliably and conscientiously. She was grateful and had a friendly nature, often paired with quickwittedness and humour, and had an eye for the needs of others. Often she shared what she had and made sure that others were not wanting for anything.

We are grateful for the testimony of the life and faith of our Sr Gisela-Maria and entrust her to the loving and merciful heart of God, to whom she can now sing and play with all her heart. May she live in God's peace and be an intercessor for us.

Praise Yahweh, my soul!
I mean to praise Yahweh all my
life, I mean to sing to my God
as long as I live.

Ps 146,1-2

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