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Sister Karolina Hohmann: Diamond Jubilee October 10, 2020

Sr. Karolina and Frater Carl.

Sr. Karolina at the altar.

Sr. Karolina holding her candle.

Srs. Gemma, Marianne, Mary, Rosalia, Karolina, Sophie, Anna, Dominic, Marie, Nicolina and Carolina.

Our Jubilee celebrations in California were impacted by COVID 19 restrictions in general and further “lockdown” requirements for extra protection for our elder Sisters in Mission San Jose and San Rafael.

Sisters Mary and Anna gathered the Oakford Sisters in St. Martin’s on the afternoon before Karolina’s celebration to gift her with her Profession candle and a small celebration with cake and coffee.

This was an unexpected surprise for her and she was most grateful. The Bay Area local community Sisters gathered on Sr. Karolina’s actual 60th Profession Anniversary for the community Mass at Mission San Jose, with masks, physical distancing and the “visiting Sisters” Gemma, Dominic Marie, Anna, and Mary seated in the choir loft apart from the larger MSJ community.

Sr. Karolina’s favorite hymns were sung, Fr. Carl gave a meaningful homily on her life in mission, especially in her beloved Argentina, and she knew already that we were there to support her with love and prayer even if we could not hold the traditional celebratory meal and festivities.

Sister Marcia, a photographer at MSJ, thoughtfully called us together after the celebration for a “family” portrait before the altar.

MSJ Sisters have their own larger chapel and their chaplain, so we arranged to celebrate simply on the Saturday of her Profession. We risked being mask-less for the photo, far away from the others who had left the chapel.

The U.S. Area hopes and prays to be able to celebrate our Jubilarians with each other--together-- at our Spring 2021 Assembly. May our good God heal our suffering brothers and sisters and our dear Earth home from this horrific pandemic that afflicts everyone so severely.